Our Vision and Mission

What are we up to?

Open Plant Pathology (OPP) fosters a diverse community culture that values openness, transparency and reproducibility of scientific research data and methods applied to plant pathological research and applications.

How do we make this possible?

We strongly believe that bulding a social infrastructure through a welcoming, engaged and diverse community is key for sharing knowledge and supporting others for adoption of a new culture. We did this by creating a community website, a collaborative coding platform on GitHub and a Slack chatting workspace.

Community matters!

We suggest that everyone interested in more close interactions to join our Slack community. It is much simpler now via Community inviter as there is no need to ask an invitation to join! Once you enter our Workspace, introduce yourself at the Welcome Channel. Click here to sign up

What to expect from joining OPP?

Socialize and meet new colleagues and potential future collaborators! ask/answer questions and engage in our discussions to follow what others are doing. Use your skill to contribute open source software tools for self or collaborative research. Finally, take leadership by helping others to build capacity on computational tools and promote the culture of sharing data and codes via offering workshops and producing teaching materials.

Who started all this?

OpenPlantPathology is a not for-profit scientific community founded in January 2018 by Emerson Del Ponte and Adam Sparks to facilitate communication among computational plant pathologists and promote open science and reproducible research practices in plant pathology.

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