Climate change will create winners and losers in the fight against plant disease

Virtual Seminars

Adam Sparks and Paul Melloy recently joined CHaBits (Consortium for Heat and Biotic Stresses) to discuss the effects of climate change on plant disease. CHaBits have graciously hosted the seminar recording on their YouTube.

Adam Sparks


Presenters: Associate Professor Adam H. Sparks1,2 and Dr Paul Melloy2
Institution: 1 Department of Primary Industries and Regional Development, Farming Systems Innovation and 2 University of Southern Queensland, Centre for Crop Health
Date: June 24, 2021
Time: 13:00AM - 14:30PM AWST
Host: Dr. Krishna Jagadish SV, Kansas State University, Department of Agronomy
Links: Video | Slides

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Recently Adam Sparks and Paul Melloy joined the CHaBits, Consortium for Heat and Biotic Stress, to discuss the effects of climate change on plant disease. They covered the basic pathogen groups and the plant disease triangle to give participants a good background on how and why climate change will affect plant disease by affecting the host, pathogen and environment. Their message was that climate change will not affect all plant diseases equally, some diseases are likely to become more predominant while others will become less important. Check out the video on YouTube to learn more.


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