Cassava, change agent in classrooms and communities

A post-talk interview with Dr. Sally Mallowa, plant pathologist, food security advocate and cassava specialist. Sally is a passionate researcher and encouraging mentor and educator, moving Plant Pathology to impact society from grassroots and up.

Disruptive changes are needed to manage Tropical Race 4 in Banana

A post-talk interview with Dr. Gert Kema, with over 10-years’ experience in Tropical Plant Pathology, he shares his insights on Tropical Race 4 associated with Fusarium Wilt disease of Banana.

The not so simple interactions associated with PR-1 proteins and Septoria nodorum blotch in wheat

A post-talk interview with Dr. Peter Solomon, a specialist in the field of wheat biosecurity. Peter is a dedicated researcher, committing over twenty years of research to dissect the intricate interactions of effector and host defence proteins.

Evolution is not static: understanding factors that govern pathogen-host diversity

A post-talk interview with Dr. Remco Stam, a specialist on host-pathogen genetic diversity and (co)evolution. Remco is a forward-thinking researcher, with a humble yet passionate approach to understanding (co)evolution between host plants and their pathogens.

Clubroot of brassicas, an old but still poorly understood disease on the rise!

A post-talk interview with Dr. Susann Auer, a specialist on biocontrol of clubroot disease of brassicas. Susann is also a passionate lecturer who shows care towards her students and is thoughtful in considering her fellow researchers.

OPP Virtual Seminar: delivering scientific talks without barriers

After two years promoting and supporting openness, transparency and reproducibility in our field, we are very proud to announce a new exciting project. Get to know the Virtual Seminars (aka science webinars), a new venue for delivering scientific talks in plant pathology-related topics.

OPP Interviews: Jade d’Alpoim Guedes and Ben Marwick

In our third OPP Interview we have the privilege to chat with two prestigious computational scientists, representatives of the field of archaeology, about their experiences on the use, tool development and promotion of reproducible research practices in science.

OPP Interviews: Sophien Kamoun

We talked with Prof. Sophien Kamoun, a biology scientist with the Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK. Dr. Kamoun is known for his prolific Tweeting and advocacy for Open Science but, also importantly, for his work with oomycetes (#notafungus), effectors and evolution and, more recently, wheat blast.

OPP Interviews: Niklaus J. Grünwald

Get to know one of our leaders, Dr. Niklaus J. Grünwald, a plant pathologist with USDA ARS, Corvallis, OR, USA. Nik has made significant scientific contributions to the understanding of the population biology and evolution of Phytophthora infestans worldwide and developed R packages to advance and facilitate the analysis of genetic and genome sequence data with applications in taxonomy and evolution.

What is going on in OPP? a quick summary of the first five months

OPP was created in early January and we had no idea how OPP would be received and whether it would catch interest and be sustainable. In this post, we provide a brief summary of major achievements during the first five months of OPP.