Disruptive changes are needed to manage Tropical Race 4 in Banana

A post-talk interview with Dr. Gert Kema, with over 10-years’ experience in Tropical Plant Pathology, he shares his insights on Tropical Race 4 associated with Fusarium Wilt disease of Banana.

The not so simple interactions associated with PR-1 proteins and Septoria nodorum blotch in wheat

A post-talk interview with Dr. Peter Solomon, a specialist in the field of wheat biosecurity. Peter is a dedicated researcher, committing over twenty years of research to dissect the intricate interactions of effector and host defence proteins.

Evolution is not static: understanding factors that govern pathogen-host diversity

A post-talk interview with Dr. Remco Stam, a specialist on host-pathogen genetic diversity and (co)evolution. Remco is a forward-thinking researcher, with a humble yet passionate approach to understanding (co)evolution between host plants and their pathogens.

Clubroot of brassicas, an old but still poorly understood disease on the rise!

A post-talk interview with Dr. Susann Auer, a specialist on biocontrol of clubroot disease of brassicas. Susann is also a passionate lecturer who shows care towards her students and is thoughtful in considering her fellow researchers.

OPP Virtual Seminar: delivering scientific talks without barriers

After two years promoting and supporting openness, transparency and reproducibility in our field, we are very proud to announce a new exciting project. Get to know the Virtual Seminars (aka science webinars), a new venue for delivering scientific talks in plant pathology-related topics.